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              creek industrial production base
              Contact: Mr. Chu
              Tel: 0086-579-8735 6769
              Fax: 0086-579-8737 6338

              Fence fence
              Model No:WQ-001
              Fence fence
              Model No:WQ-002
              Fence fence
              Model No:WQ-003
              Fence fence
              Model No:WQ-004
              Fence fence
              Model No:WQ-005
              Fence fence
              Model No:WQ-006
              Fence fence
              Model No:WQ-007
              City guardrail
              Model No:CS-001
              City guardrail
              Model No:CS-002
              Flower beds, lawns guardrail
              Model No:HT-001
              Flower beds, lawns guardrail
              Model No:HT-002
              Flower beds, lawns guardrail
              Model No:HT-003
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